Dan (puddingdan) wrote in bluetones,

The Bluetones - Exeter

Went to see The Bluetones! Many vodkas later after avoiding the support - Boy singer band didn't get me, girl singer band were definitely better and then the guys came on and were so very entertaining, it's been 9 years I think since I first saw them and it's crazy to think still going well and such a good laugh. Best of all they played old stuff more than new stuff, plus the odd B-Side (V v cool), I know pretty much all of their moosik so was singing along merrily throughout, it went far too quickly, singing along to Carnt Be Trusted, The Fountainhead, Slight Return, Simple Things, The Basement Song...in fact thinking about it I believe they played every song I really really loved...ahh such a top top night. :D

Better review soon!
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