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Bluetones Update

It seems like things are happening in the world of the Bluetones so I thought I would give this community a kick up the backside.

I saw them in November at the Carling Academy in Birmingham when I got my hands on the EP. One or two tracks I really liked, it's worth having a listen to.

Then I saw Mark performing as Fi Lo Beddow at the Barfly in Birmingham earlier this month which I thoroughly enjoyed. If you get chance to see him but you're not sure how it'll compare to Bluetones gigs then just go, you will enjoy it. I also got to chat to the man afterwards and was reminded what a nice bloke he is.

I am also going to see the band next month in my home town of Wolverhampton. I think if you see the band too often you sometimes wonder whether it's worth paying to see them again when it's all the same songs, but they are a band that have to be seen live to be properly appreciated and I know the venue is a good one so I'm looking forward to it.

Good news for the band, this month they were signed to a new record label, Cooking Vinyl, which means a new album will be on the way some time in the misty future.

Finally, The Bluetones are releasing another 'best of' CD. A Rough Outline is a collection of all the singles and B-sides from 1995 to 2003.

I'll leave it up to you to decide if they're just trying to rip off the diehard fans into parting with money for music they mostly already own, but I think it's a handy collection so I'll probably be one of the suckers that buy it :)
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