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The Bluetones
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This is a LiveJournal devoted to the British band The Bluetones. If you're a fan, join this community to discuss all things Bluetones-related.
4-day weekend, a parting gesture, adam devlin, after hours, ambershades, ames, armageddon(outta here), autophilia, beat on the brat, big problem, blood bubble, blue, blue shadows, bluetones, bluetonic, broken starr, carn't be trusted, castle rock, code blue, colorado beetle, cut some rug, don't stand me down, down at the reservoir, driftwood, easyworld, ed chesters, emily's pine, expecting to fly, fast boy, fastboy, fock da brain hole, freeze dried pop, heard you were dead, here it comes again, i love the city, if, if..., it's a boy, liquid lips, little bear, luxembourg, marblehead johnson, mark morriss, matt lucas, move closer, mr soul, mudslide, nae hair on't, never going nowhere, nitkin's bridge, one speed gearbox, persuasion, pretty ballerina, putting out fires, return to splendour, richard payne, ricky, science & nature, science and nature, scott morriss, sky will fall, slack jaw, sleazy bed track, slight return, solomon bites the worm, soup du jour, spaced, string along, talking to clarry, the ballad of muldoon, the basement song, the blue army, the bluetones, the bluetones big score, the favourite son, the fountainhead, the jub-jub bird, the simple things, the singles, the watchmen, things change, thought you'd be taller, tiger lily, time and again, tone blooze, turn it up, u.t.a, unpainted arizona, vampire, vostock of love, you're no fun anymore, zero tolerance, zorro