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Mark Morriss on Wednesday

I went to see Mark Morriss (or Fi-Lo Beddow) at Turnmills in Farringdon on Wednesday, it was a small place and I was right at the front and just a bit over to the right from where he sat and played.
He started off with Keep The Home Fires Burning (a long time favourite of mine) and near the start played covers of Pixies' Gouge Away and Woman In Love, quite a few of the songs he played were ones that people requested because he claimed to have lost the setlist. He also kept asking us how many songs he'd already played and people kept shouting 'two!' the whole way through. I think that I also heard someone say 'you're no James Blunt' at one point but he didn't seem to notice that one.
He seemed in very good humour throughout despite a load of idiots talking loudly over to the side of the venue, and was very funny, telling some jokes at one point. He also played some new songs (Lemon And Lime was my favourite of them, loved the line in one of the others about hanging out with Jesus and JLo!) and other Bluetones songs I Was A Teenage Jesus, One Speed Gearbox and right near the end The Fountainhead, which was cool as it was the only one which I hadn't seen The Bluetones play before (and it's a lovely song of course!). It seemed to get by far the best reaction.
He also handed out loads of business cards which he claimed to have had printed on the way there, they say Fi-Lo Beddow and 'folk-poet and pioneer'!
It was a really enjoyable set in general, I think there will be songs on the website soon which I look forward to too.
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